Wednesday, March 30, 2016

AD337 - Interactive Media Assignment

Chapter 11: Evaluation of Media: Television and Radio

I have selected this chapter because it is essential to my career and academic endeavors. Upon graduation, I hope to attend The New School in New York City as a candidate for  the Masters of Science in Media Management program. Recently as an intern at BET Networks, I had the opportunity to gain hands on experience and learn a lot of the same information that is written in this chapter. I assisted the Market Research - Audience Analytics department and had the opportunity to create Rating Reports which presents valuable data such as broadcast and cable ratings, households using television (HUT), share of audience, as well as the impact of the day parts. I believe the advantages of television often out weigh the disadvantages because in this generation we have hit reality shows, athletic events and drama/action shows which generate a high volume of viewers which creates revenue for the network from ad-sales. At BET Networks, we explored syndicated programs which could affect the network, demographic factors and competitive programming that may influence the premier of an original BET program such as Being Mary Jane.

Furthermore, I believe radio plays an equal role in advertising to this generation because of the high amount of listeners during day parts such as morning drive time and afternoon/evening drive time. While the radio brings in a lot of listeners, advertisers must remember that they have to make their radio spot engaging and memorable. As a driver, I am immediately prone to turn the station if advertisements are on and aren't making the ride easier to enjoy.

Overall, television and radio are influential platforms that  I believe every advertiser and business should utilize.

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