Friday, August 5, 2011

Fashion Schools

I'm currently looking into art schools that have good fashion merchandising programs and my top three choices are Parsons (NY) FIT (NY) and Academy of Art University (CA). My questions to you guys are : 1. Are they good schools? 2. If you have attended either of them, how is it? 3. If there is any other schools that you guys feel have a good FM program can you let me know and explain. Thanks so much!



  1. I found your blog via IFB! =D I love your blog! Those acne shoes are so cute btw! =) I am now following you! I'd love it if you could check out my blog as well!


    Looking forward to more posts! =D

  2. I would also love to know. I'm thinking of going to fashion school also but with good fashion design program.

    I love your blog and I found you via IFB.

  3. hi there! Fashion graduate here, and future TeenVogue University student too! I was accepted to all the schools on your list, spare Parsons. I actually ended up at LIM (NYC, solely for the business of fashion). it's an AMAZING school. You're required internships every single year you're there; my friends have worked for gucci, hermes, tiffany's, I've worked for Juicy, Rue La La, and smaller multi line showrooms. The classes teach everything you'd need to know and the teachers are so amazing (one of them wrote me a referral to get my masters in journalism at NYU!).

    anyway, I just wanted to say you should look into LIM :D

    hope to see you soon!

    XO Sahra